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What Was Talked About at AshTrans 2022?

Wow, what an exciting time to be involved in the ash industry, full of challenges and opportunities. 


We heard about UK and European Climate Targets and how the industry is taking action and rising to the challenge, and of course, the role ashes will play in achieving net zero and beyond. 

Ash Processing Technologies

We talked about some of the technologies and methodologies out there, from those currently in action to emerging ideas to harvest ashes from the vast deposits laid down over many years of coal generation. 

International Trading, Shipping and Infrastructure

We educated ourselves on the dynamics of international trading in cementitious materials and the infrastructure and shipping issues around the world and gaining insight from leading experts on the current status and direction of travel.

Low Carbon Concrete Technologies

We revealed innovations in materials technologies and how our future infrastructure needs can be fulfilled in a green way by looking at the road map and what’s happening right now.

Global perspectives 

We heard about ‘what’s happening around the world’ from our international connections, taking a look at the United States of Ash and What’s happening about Ash in Asia and beyond. 

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ASHTRANS 2022 Speakers and Panel Participants

Diana Casey AshTrans Speaker

Dr Diana Casey

Director, Energy and Climate Change
Mineral Products Association, MPA |

Diana joined MPA in 2010 as Technical Advisor, Energy and Climate Change, and now holds the position of Director, Energy and Climate Change. Diana’s responsibilities include data analysis from UK cement plants, modelling the impact of EU and UK climate change and environmental policy on the UK cement industry including the UK Emissions Trading Scheme and Renewable Energy policies and managing industry projects such as the MPA decarbonisation roadmap modelling and production and updating of the MPA factsheet on embodied CO2e of UK cement, additions and cementitious material. Diana is vice-chair of the Emissions Trading Group, a group that supports, represents and informs UK businesses and installations covered by emissions trading, and represents MPA on various Government led initiatives such as the work that is ongoing on business models to support the deployment of carbon capture use or storage. Diana is also responsible for administering Climate Change Agreements for various mineral product sectors.

Hans-Joachim Feuerborn AshTrans Speaker

Dr.-Ing Hans-Joachim Feuerborn

Secretary General
European Coal Combustion Products Association ECOBA |

Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Feuerborn studied Metallurgy and Material Science at Aachen Technical University. In 1986 he started his scientific work at the University Technical University Aachen on reuse of industrial residues in construction products. From 1990 he worked as chief engineer in the department of binder materials (cement, lime, gypsum) and as consultant in ceramics and binder materials and for reuse of industrial residues. 

In 2000 he started his work as adviser for by-products from coal-fired power stations at the department of environmental protection of VGB PowerTech, the European Technical Association for Power and Heat Generation. Furthermore, he is serving as Secretary General for ECOBA, the European Coal Combustion Products Association and since 2015 as secretary of the World-Wide Coal Combustion Products (CCP) Network. He is actively involved in several European and German standardisation committees. 

Scott Coley AshTrans Speaker

Scott Coley

Project Sales Manager
Atritor Limited |

MEng, Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK.

11 years experience in the bulk materials handling industry.

Specialising in drying and grinding processes, pneumatic conveying systems. Feeding and dosing applications.

Andrew Rigg AshTrans Speaker

Andrew Rigg

Sales Director
Atritor Limited |

HNC in Mechanical and Production Engineering.

42 years experience in the design, supply and installation of powder handling equipment and powder processing plant.

14 years experience with Atritor in the supply of plant for simultaneous milling and drying a wide variety of materials.

Lewis Baker AshTrans Speaker

Lewis Baker

European Technical Support Manager
Separation Technologies |

As European Technical Support Manager for Separation Technologies, Lewis Baker provides engineering support to the company’s fleet of processing plants throughout Europe and Asia, as well as technical aspects of business development.  Lewis joined ST in 2004, initially as plant manager for STs Fly Ash processing facility at Didcot Power Station in the UK, before moving to a wider role in technical support.

Graduating from the University of Wales with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Lewis has held a number of roles in plant design and commissioning, process engineering, and plant management.

Craig Prince AshTrans Speaker

Craig Prince

Managing Director
Geopolymer Technologies Ltd. |

Craig Prince is founder of Geopolymer Technologies Ltd. As a Project Manager in the Construction Industry Craig learned the environmental impact of Portland Cement and set out to discover if there were any alternatives that would be kinder to the environment.

Craig discovered proven cements that could be manufactured ‘Portland free’, kinder to the environment, high performance and made by utilising industrial waste and by-products. During the pandemic Craig launched the business to deploy these technologies in the UK and Europe. The technologies have been noted as exemplar case studies in the Low Carbon Concrete Routemap, published this year by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Andrew Mulholland AshTrans Speaker

Andrew Mulholland

Managing Director

Andrew is the Managing Director of AMCRETE UK, which provides concrete technology support and advice to many clients within the construction industry across the country. Andrew is a Chartered Construction Manager and a member of the Institute of Concrete as well as holding the position of Chair of the Low Carbon Concrete Group since early 2020.

Andrew regularly lectures for the Chartered Institute of Building, reviews papers for the ICE and works with Concrete producers, clients and Contractors advising on concrete related investigations and solutions as well as introducing new and emerging cement technologies to contribute to driving down the industries carbon emissions.

As chair of the LCCG, forming member of the CDT (Concrete Decarbonisation Taskforce) led by ICE, Andrew is now acting as Project Lead for the publication of a new British Standard (Flex) for the specification of Geopolymer and AAM concrete due for release by mid-2024.

Sylvie Doutres AshTrans Speaker

Sylvie Doutres

DsG Consultants |

Co-founder and joint-managing director of DsG Consultants since July 2011, Ms Sylvie Doutres has worked as consultant in the port sector for 30 years. After graduating in Economics (Master 1) at Perpignan University, she obtained a Master 2 in International Trade & Logistics for Export. She began working in a Business center at Barcelona (Spain) as International Customers Manager and then joined RDM Consultants (France), in 1992, as consultant for port intelligence surveys and missions. She became managing director of RDM Consultants in 2001, and remained at this position until May 2011. In July 2011, she founded DsG Consultants (France) in partnership with Sophie Robert, also port senior consultant involved in French market.

Specialized in port intelligence, international development, market studies, trade flows monitoring, forecast and analysis, as Senior consultant, she advises private and public companies involved in maritime activities or port projects. She demonstrated an expert knowledge in European and Mediterranean countries port organizations. Involved in the management of several statistics databases, she acquired a good vision of seaborne trade flows and port activity in the Med area, especially for building materials, solid fuels and minerals products. 

DsG Consultants has a recognized knowledge of dry bulk logistics chain and a long-record expertise of cement markets and trade flows in the Mediterranean area.

Christopher Every AshTrans Speaker

Christopher Every

Director & Co-founder
Coomtech Clean Technologies |

Chris has held director and CEO roles at major blue chip corporates such as BAT, Unilever and Williams Holdings. 

Since the mid 1990’s, Chris has been involved in cleantech start-ups  – including Brimac Environmental Services Ltd., an acquisition from Tate & Lyle of a unique filtration business. He founded and sold cleantech developer Nviro Cleantech plc and was Non Exec Chairman and founder of AlgaeCytes Ltd., an algae based biopharma business now entering production in Germany. As Founder and a Director of Coomtech Limited, Chris acts as current Chief Commercial Officer for the company. 

Steve Benza AshTrans Speaker

Steve Benza

VP Marketing and New Business Development
ECO Material Technologies |

American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) |

Stephen T. Benza serves as Vice President, Marketing and New Business Development, at ECO Material Technologies, where he oversees a wide range of activities to drive customer and shareholder value.

Steve began his career in the coal combustion products (CCP) industry in 1978 when he was hired by Pennsylvania Power & Light to direct its fly ash sales/marketing and disposal activities. Subsequently, he owned and operated several CCP marketing and management companies—including KBK Enterprises and Sinew Inc.—before joining Headwaters Resources as its Vice President of Business Development in 2014. He currently serves as the Chair of the American Coal Ash Association, which advocates for the beneficial use of CCPs as a sustainable material for manufacturing, agriculture, and industrial applications.

Milan Vranes AshTrans Speaker

Milan Vranes

Director Sales & Marketing, Europe/Africa
ZAG International |

Industrial Engineer with a Master of Science degree from University of Miami and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Started his career in the construction industry in Cementir HQ in Rome.

For the last 10 years has been covering European and African markets for ZAG International actively promoting cementitious materials and sustainable supply solutions.

Ad Ligthart AshTrans Speaker

Ad Lighart

Cement Distribution Consultants |

 Ad Ligthart is a specialist on markets, trade, transportation and facilities for cement, clinker and cementitious materials. He is co-author of “The Handbook on Global Cement Trade and Distribution” which is the most comprehensive publication in its field. Cement Distribution Consultants the company he founded in 1999 has an unequalled global database on cement trade including close to 1600 facilities involved in waterborne cement, clinker trade and distribution.

He has been involved in the cement industry since 1982, working for 17 years for major equipment suppliers and engineering companies before starting his own company. He has been stationed in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the USA, Panama and the Middle East (Qatar). 

In 1999 he founded Cement Distribution Consultants. This company combines an in-depth knowledge of the global cement industry with the capability to conceive and realize special trade and distribution projects. The company has been involved in many port, terminal and transportation projects worldwide as well as market studies, company valuations, management training, etc. 

He has been a speaker on major cement conferences and industry investor meetings for over 60 times. 

Since early 2020 Cement Distribution Consultants has entered into a cooperation with Engineering Services Hamburg further enhancing the capabilities and strengths of both companies

Nils Jansen AshTrans Speaker

Nils Jansen

Head of By-Products
EP Power Minerals |

Nils Jansen is Head of the Power plant by-product business unit at EP Power Minerals GmbH. Besides his direct sales responsibilities for Germany and also for global trading activities in the field of SCM, he is also charge for the strategic development of this business unit. 

EP Power Minerals is a German company and the leading service provider for fly ash and gypsum utilization coming from hard coal powered power plants in Northern Europe with a wide network of subsidiaries and partnerships in Europe and Asia 

Before starting his current role Nils Jansen was working multiple years in national and international business development for companies in the energy and construction material sector. Before he graduated from University and holds two Master Degrees. One in political and one in energy economics.

Abut Ozsezikil AshTrans Speaker

Abut Ozsezikil

General Manager & Board Member

Abut is the GM and Board Member of MedCem Global which is the member of Eren Holding. MedCem Global, is the largest single location cement and fly ash exporter in the world.  Through out new investments Medcem’s current five million ton cement/cementitious export will reach ten million tons in 2024.  Medcem currently owns and also  investing in cement import terminals and grinding plants in various countries. The group also holds the largest privately owned coal burning electricity plant, Eren Energy and  MedCem Global is responsible for marketing all the Coal Combustion byproducts. Abut has a B.A. at Business Administration and Economics and holds MBA degree.

Nathan Boone AshTrans Speaker

Nathan Boone

Chief Commercial Officer
Charah Solutions, Inc. |

Nathan Boone has been part of the Charah Solutions team since 1997, holding multiple management positions since 2000. As Chief Commercial Officer, Nathan is responsible for Charah Solutions’ Commercial Services Group which consists of Business Development, Utility Relations, Scheduling and Construction Management and focuses on utility customer communications, estimating and design of new projects, and the planning and execution of remediation and capital construction projects, including the Charah Solutions proprietary EnviroSource℠ fly ash beneficiation technology. Nathan manages a full staff of estimators, proposal coordinators, sales associates, schedulers and construction managers who work with power utility contacts and Charah Solutions’ field operations managers to develop and execute project opportunities with both new and existing utility customers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology from Murray State University and is a past board member of The Coal Institute (TCI).

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