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4th–5th September 2023




About AshTrans

Focusing on ashes and related products, AshTrans brings together over 100 people from businesses around the globe for two days of business networking, discussion and debate.

The conference is of interest to those that enable the supply chain of energy by-products, from source to end use.

Attend to:

  • Meet over 100 members of the energy by-products supply chain
  • Exchange views and connect with potential new commercial partners
  • Get the latest market insights and hear from leading professionals

You will be interested in AshTrans if you are an energy professional responsible for by-products, an ash related trade association, an ash or ashes derived products producer, supplier, processing or technology provider, trader, broker, marketer, logistics solutions provider, shipper, hauler or a user of ashes responsible for sourcing these materials or developing new products from them.

We take care in selecting our speakers and content for AshTrans. You will gain exclusive insight into the latest market conditions, new technology and product developments, logistics solutions and industry news. We select outstanding venues and schedule in quality time for you to network with other attendees in a fantastic environment and host a special conference dinner.
All you have to do is seize on the new opportunities you discover, strike up new relationships, cement established ones and take your business forward.

Ashes from the combustion of coal, biomass and waste for energy production are commercially traded materials and increasingly moved around the globe in addition to satisfying the local markets where they have been produced.

The global progress towards a circular and low carbon economy means the business of managing ashes is increasingly dynamic. The need for innovation in technology and the supply chain has never been more pronounced, especially as the effective management and utilisation of ashes will play a key role in industry achieving the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of this century or sooner.

AshTrans conference is intended to be the platform that brings together all those people from the various sides of the ashes business to meet and exchange ideas, views, gain insights and meet with existing and potential new commercial partners, to unleash new opportunities in this dynamic business sector.

2022 Event Attendees & Sponsors

Atritor AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
EP Power Minerals AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
Engineering Services Hamburg AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
Coomtech AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
Charah AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
Ecomaterial AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
Ecoba AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
Zag AshTrans 2022 Sponsor
 Cement Distribution Consultants AshTrans 2022 Sponsor

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4th–5th September

AshTrans Conference 2023 will be taking place in Europe, location to be confirmed.

Places are limited so please register your interest to avoid disappointment.

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AshTrans attracts a global audience with the industry’s leading talent taking centre stage. If you have valuable or insightful industry knowledge to share then AshTrans is the conference to speak at.

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